Don't cry,
will you?

According to the philisophsy of Buddhism:
When the old one is gone, the live one should be happy.
When the new one is born, the live one should be sad.
Instead, people do it otherwise.

My grandfather was sick for a while.
Days ago, he went to a better place I wish.
We, as the live one, should be happy for his leaving.
However, aunts are super sad and have cried a lot.
Me? I haven't cried a lot, only a tiny bit.
I wish him to go to a better place by not letting him worried.

My grandpa's funeral is coming tomorrow.
We are going to see him for the last time.
I hope I will not be so bad or cry so hard.

Maybe, someday, somehow, we are going to meet again.
When that day come, mebye I am an old lady, and you, my grandpa will be a young kid.
When that day come, I wish I could still recognize you, my dear grandpa.

Just for now.
May you rest in peace.
Fare well,Grandpa.

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